Hello everyone!
I have lupus now for 4years. I hurt all over like having the flu but not. I am half cherokee and appache and a touch of Irish. But anyway, I get spots on my arms when I'm out in the sun, my whole body aches, feet hurt especially when I get up in the mornings. I also have had back surgery 4 years ago, disc degenerative disease. So not only do I hurt all over and feel tired most of the time, very fatiged, don't help having gout either. At times I feel like I can't win for losing. But I understand what you all are going through and it feels good knowing that I'm not lonely with this disease. I also have a hard time with my eyes getting blurred, not often. Wish my husband would understand this disease. He don't go to the doctor with me but I understand he has to work. But I think he seems to try to understand but if you don't have lupus than you really dont' know what we go through. My mother also has lupus and we always talk to each other when we feel bad. When I have a good day( which is far and few between) man I cherish that day and wish that I felt that way all the time. I've been really depressed these few days, feeling pain and hurting too. It seems like it's too much to bare at times. I do take effexor cr but I've taken it for 3 years now, so I don't think it's working anymore which I will talk with my doctor about that and maybe he can switch my medicine that will work. I dread the holidays coming up for I don't feel good all the time. So I really appreciate you giving me the chance to share the disease that we all have and feel free to chat with me. I completely understand what your going through. I try to keep in mind that God will not put more on us than what we can handle.(hope I said that right?) my mind is not what it use to be and let me tell you about my hair. I use to have thick dark brown hair but now I have thin dark brown hair. That also depresses me too! I want you to know that I pray for other's that have this disease as well. It's no fun at all. :roll: [/i][/b]