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    ok so had appt yesterday with pain clinic.. took me off perc and put me on lyrica (75mg at night) to start. i'm dying with pain today. should i give it a chance? don't know much about lyrica except that it was ok'd by fda for fibro. How do you know if it is fibro pain, lupus pain, also have deg bone disease, sjogrens. by the time i was done explaining my pain yesterday, i had carpel tunnel.. lol... help please

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    hi beth! so sorry for all your pain, heaven knows all of us here know all about that :roll: :lol:

    well, i'd been on lyrica for a while (see my old posts about it) for both siezures and pain. it took a little while (about 2-3 weeks) for me for it to kick in in a way that i felt helped. it definately helped the pain, but not the siezures in a noticeably way.

    now as for the pain, like i said, it helped, it helped in that it took the edge off, it wasn't complete. i still needed breakthrough pain relief. i'm the type that tends to give things a chance to work, i try to be patient, but it's so really very hard when you're in so much pain, and the type of pain "we" deal with at that.

    finally my doc got me on KADIAN. it's a long acting pain med in low dose that you take every 12 hours. it can be expensive, but oh is it worth it!! i was on morphine, fentanyl patch(100mcg), oxycontin for breaktrhu and long acting, norco, tramadol, and that's just want i can remember and some of these i was on at the same time :!:

    i have been on this quest for pain relief for a while because i felt like i was gonna go crazy! until the KADIAN earlier this year, i was living at a pain level of between 6-8. that was normal and functioning for me. i didn't know what anythng below 5-6 was unless i was in the hospital and they gave me large doses of dilaudid. now, i still have breakthru pain, but it's much more manageable along with KADIAN i use MORPHINE MSIR (immediate release) for the breakthru pain that comes up on me so fast that i can't see straight. i use 800-1000mg of ibuprofen for the pain that i call the "slow moving train", where i can feel it coming and i have the time that it takes the medicine to work.

    i have cns-sle with heart, lung, and brain involvement, along with vasculitis and interstitial lung disease. i have muscle pain, bone pain (the worse :cry: ), and good 'ole joint pain. there are times when my skin is so sensitive that it hurts to have clothing on.

    i hope this isn't too much info :lol: , and i hope this helps you.

    be well beth

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