hello everybody im a 23 y/o female with lupus. i was diagnosed in november of 2005 and last year experienced debiltating joint and muscle pain and then was hospitalized to have fluid removed from around my heart. i also have a pleural effusion in my lung due to the lupus which sucks because it reduces my ability to breath when i exercise. i've been on prednisone FOREVER, i hate it i've gained so much weight in the last couple months from taking it. i've had the pleasure of lupus's natural blush (the butterfly fash) for a couple months now. its just not going away. it seems to have spread to my upper lip, chin, and neck. has anybody else experienced the rash in these places?? also i've been experiencing alot of hair loss lately, im really ready to just get it over with and shave my head. and i could look all sweet like G.I. Jane, my fiancee dosent think that's such a great idea though. lately ive just been feeling really down about being sooo tired alll the time, sometimes its hard for me to realize that this is something i cannot control. if anybody has any good ways to combat fatigue please let me know. i really look foward to being able to express how lupus has/is affecting me with people who understand how i feel. my support system is great but sometimes they just dont get it. well, thanks for letting me whine, look foward to hearing from and replying to others.