iam new to this chat. i find it very informative and i dont feel alone anymore. today i feel terrible. i try to think positive and stay as busy as i can to take my mind off the pain. the severe fatigue seems to wear me down by the end of the day.

i have had to come to terms that my dreams of becoming a nurse is over. i was in my 2nd semester of nursing clinicals when i started having severe joint pain and fatigue. i went to a rhuemi doc who treated me for rhuemetiod arthritis. 4 weeks later my liver enzymes that should of been around 65 were 1248. i had jaudice when i went to the emergecy room my urine was brown my liver was failing. i was put on 125 mg of predisone for 4 days. it helped for 6 days. i then woke in the middle of the night in so much pain in my ribs i couldnt breath. i stood up and almost passed out i was so dizzy and weak. my boyfriend took me back to the emergency room. my blood pressure was bottoming out and my liver enzymes were agian sky high. i was ambulanced to a bigger hospital that had specailists that could deal with my condition. they saved my life

iam still very sick but iam also glad to be alive. i was going to be put on a transplant list in madison wisc. they watched my liver enzymes and they started to stablize. there still up about 15 points after three months but its better than it was. i dont have insurance so the doc bills are very stressfull but being alive is is the best.