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Thread: newly diagonsed for discord lupus

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    Default newly diagonsed for discord lupus

    Hey my name is Bruce I'm 50 years old , in feb this year i was diagnose by a dermatologist with discord lupus i have been going to doctors for 2 years but no one new what was wrong with me I went to my last doc for 4 mo. wanting to know weather it was sle he ran tests on heart lungs but when i asked him about any tests for sle he said it was better not to be diagnosed for it .then my insurance ran out (because i hadn't been able to work because of fatigue,running fevers for no reason and depression )now I'm stuck with no job no insurance and still no energy.I'm single(last girlfriend couldn't understand why i have no drive although up until last year I've worked 50 to 60 hrs a week since i was 15)) my kids are grown they have family's they are some support but they really don't understand( like me.)
    the dermatologist startedme on hydroxychloroquine 400mg after acouple weeks started having vison problems he dropped it to 200mg but when i lost my ins i quit taking it(didn't have money for eye exam,didn't won't to go blind)and it wasn't working still have rash on face
    I mainly just want to see if there are other people who have this problem and how they deal with it.

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    Hi Bruce. Yes, there are people all over facing the same problem. Having no insurance is scary when dealing with lupus. I have SLE and I still have my job and insurance. But I will need to quit soon and go on disability. Then wait for medicare to kick in, which takes 2 years on disability to get. I do know that most people go to the county health clinics, or even urgent care clinics. And if you are waiting for disability to be approved, you need to go at least once every two months. So your records will be current. It's expensive to get medications, but you can get prescription assistance through the manufacturers. It's a tough situation, but you can get around it. And you NEED to.

    As for your relationships, well, there ARE people out there who don't get uptight over the illness. In my opinion, anyone who bows out of a relationship because he/she cannot deal with it is very shallow. What if THEY get sick? And it could happen. We know this.

    So don't give up. You can still get medical care and prescriptions. It is not hopeless. Once you get that stress under control, you can deal with the relationship issue. You can go to church, support groups, etc. And when the time is right, someone wonderful will enter your life. Just take it one step at a time.
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