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Thread: When fatigue sets in...

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    Default When fatigue sets in...

    I have to say that I've been blessed with good health for a while now and I overdid it..spending 10-12 hours outdoors everyday between classes, work and community service..

    I ended up in hospital for 3 days after my temperature reached 40.6 degrees and it took the doctors 8 hours to bring it down to 39.8.. Anyway I was diagnosed with gastroenteritis (I had a eaten a sandwich from outside on the same day) and discharged after making sure it wasn't the lupus and the test for CMV (cytomegalo virus) came negative.

    Since I left (yesterday) I feel unwell and can only eat a little. I am also trying to avoid any human contact as I am not in the mood to speak to anybody--not very new to me but annoying everyone around me.

    Can this fatigue and loss of appetite I'm experiencing be a signal of an upcoming flare? After all infections trigger lupus.
    As far as my labs are concerned, C3 is okay, C4 slightly low, and we're awaiting anti-ANA and anti-dsDNA results. My nephrologist is worried because my albumin level is 2.0 (normal starts at 3.5). Actually, a month ago, albumin was at 2.5. Could this be the start of a flare? I always thought C3 and C4 were the major markers of lupus activity.
    I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis, confirmed by bloodwork and kidney biopsy, and mild lupus cerebritis (epileptiform) in June 2004.
    Medications: CellCept, Prednisone; Phenytoin; Lipitor; Zestril, Norvasc; Aranesp (darbepoetin alfa).

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    Gentle hugs Dandoon!

    While I don't know if the fatigue is related to an upcoming flare, I would think you're still healing from over doing it. Our bodies take some time to recover from physical or mental stress, and yours was so stressed it landed you in hospital.

    Take care, take it very easy and slow for a bit, dear, maybe the fatigue will ease in a week or two

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