Hi everyone! My name is Sabrina, i am 25 yrs old.
My mom, now 50, was diagnosed with Lupus when she was my current age.
Well 5 years ago when i was pregnant with my son, i had many problems including unexplained blood in my urine, and without knowing my family history, the Dr. asked me to be tested for Lupus with the symptoms i was having he thought it was very possible.
Well the results came back neg. Since thenI have had my gullbladder remover, i had a cyst on my ovary removed it was the size of a baseball and from what the dr says this type can keep coming back. Well those are probably normal things some women just go through....
But as of last November i have been on and off work due to hand problems...tendonitis, trigger fingers things like that. I had surgery on my wrist for Dequirvains tendonitis and repeated therapy on my fingers. My fingers hurt ANYTIME i use them and now my other wrist is being affected and i was only back to work for a month.
The surgeon (without knowing my family history) told me my symptoms sound like i have an inflammatory disease because normal triggering of the fingers are different, with mine the more i use them, the more they hurt!!!! Its so bad i could cry some days! So he went on to ask me if i have a history of inflammatory disease rheumatoid arthritis or LUPUS. I said yes my mom has both. So i was tested again...and negative again...Could i have it and it just not be showing up in my blood yet?
I AM tired alot! I mean i can barely sit in church without almost falling asleep right there even though i had 8 hours of good sleep...
I don't know, there has got to be an explanation
Please help
Thank you, Sabrina