hi. i hope things will improve for you. i did try working from home myself and it was 'ok'. in the end i went on full disability, no lawyer and everything went really smooth - perhaps i am lucky that way or its just that i am so sick. my job did give me a hard time in beginning, well i should say the disability company UNUM - they are horrible. anyway hopefully you won't have to deal with them!

i know alot about HR if you have questions, i still consultant a few companies when they need me - just fired a President of a company and had to help them cover the things the need to cover to make it happen without a lawsuit. anyway, as long as you have a physician supporting you it shouldn't be that difficult with your job. social security is a different story, but again really sick for me is terminally ill so mine was probably a no brainer for them.

i can say that in reflecting on my diseases and 'work' - uh, i don't miss that at all. i wish i had more time with my family and defininately do not miss working - this doesn't extend my life - nor actually do i want it too, but it has been worth it to be with my family. in another post i will describe my situation more, but to keep this shorter my opinion is to have the best life you can - for some that means working, for others it does not. neither is wrong, its what works best for you. i 'try' to look at each day as if its my last and stay good with my family - which can be hard, but my point is when you look at things this way it changes the way a person thinks about 'life' - at least it has for me.

anyway, i wish you all the best...feel free to send me a note if you like..i don't always get on here...my fingers hurt alot..i don't take pain medication so i suffer a bit, but prefer it that way for now...

all my best...todd.