I am still waiting for lab results and an MRI. I have been tired for years, anemic for years and had achy joints for years. I would joke with my friends that I was a young girl trapped in an old persons body. That is how I feel. Headaches, cold sensations in my left leg,chest pains, activity induced asthma, stiff right hand,neck and ankles. Trouble is i am a nurse and it is really started to interfer with my job. After working a few hours my hip and back are killing me. It takes two days to recover from one 12 hour shift. I wondering how long will i be able to do my job. How many of you still work and if so how long have you had symptoms. I am worried. Oh I also have high blood pressure, a slightly enlarged heart and i just started an antidepressant. My husband is in Iraq and I have been alone raising the three kids for the most part. It doesn't seem fair.