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Thread: Doctor hesitates to say it's Lupus

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    AH YES.....The infamous LUPUS MIGRAINE!!! (AKA: The Headache From Hell) :lol:
    We know that one all too well!!!
    Let us know how the test result were. Take care of that headache!!

    Peace and Blessings

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    Default Too Many Doctors - Too Little Answers

    I have been having symptoms for over a year now and noone has made a diagnosis - though one doctor has suggested that I may have lupus. My specific tests for lupus have not been high though my ANA has been and my thyroid has been shown to have been attacked by my immune system.

    I have joint pain, particularly in my wrists, hips, fingers, and ankles. I have pins/needle pains that get worse and get better. I have muscle spasms in my stomach. I have a pain that radiates from the base of my head to the top of my head. I have pain in my ear. I have had several odd rashes but not the butterfly rash that appears to be associated with lupus. I have bouts of fatique that I cannot associate to anything other than the amount of rest that I get. I need more sleep than I ever remember. My joints in my hands become red after doing physical activity that stresses the hands/fingers. I have pain in my chest as though I have done some major physical activity when I haven't. I coughed up mucus for about 2 weeks and felt much better after that. I have an irregular heartbeat (rapid) and have been put on Toprol though after a million tests, my heart shows to be in good shape. Those are the main symptoms.

    I went to doctors for 8 months before getting referred to a rheumatologist. I went to a doctor (though considered a quack) that proved that I had very high levels of Ebstein Barr though not active. She put me on a very, very high dose of anti-viral medication and I have actually been somewhat better though most doctors will say that anti-virals can't combat the virus. My blood tests show that they have made a difference.

    I have two grey looking areas on my leg that feels like a bruise but doesn't look like one. Has anyone experienced such a thing with lupus? I've also had small sores on my thighs that at first I thought were ingrown hairs but after poking and time I realized they weren't. Most of them have gone away and pretty much haven't scarred. Has anyone experienced this?

    I don't know what to think. After the initial rheumatologist visit at Emory in Atlanta, I went for a second opinion with a rheumatologist that has been practicing for 30 years and he doesn't feel that it's lupus. I am so confused and tired of the whole thing.

    I am currently on Amitriptylene (prescribed by my GP) and Toprol (100MG daily). I am not feeling very well and sick of not knowing.

    Any suggestions, thoughts?

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