Hi everyone. My name is Anna and I am 14 years old. About a month ago i went to the doctor to get a medical pass to get out of swim during gym class (I'm allergic to chlorine) and the doctor i saw noticed that my hands were purple-ish in color and asked if they were usually like that. I told her that they were and i had never really had another doctor notice it before though either. She told me that i had Raynaud's Syndrome and explained it to me and so of the other diseases that are related to it. She told me that Lupus was one of them.

I hadn't really thought about it much until last week when we started talking about autoimmune disorders in my biology class. I remembered what the doctor had told me and i started looking more in depth about what lupus is.I noticed that i had experienced many of the symptoms, but i had just brushed them off thinking that they were stress related. My joints have been hurting me horribly for the past few months, especially my knees, up to the point where i stopped playing basketball for my school. I also get rashes a lot, but im allergic to lots of things so i just guessed that they were allergy related. I get horrible migraine headaches also, and i always feel cold even though it could be almost 80 degrees. I get night sweats and fevers often too. My parents havent been very supportive of me, and they seem to think that its all in my head and they want to take me to a shrink because they think that im making all of it up. I was just wondering if you think that Lupus seems like a possibility or if it is just something thats in my head.

You all seem like very nice and helpful people and i hope that you can help me.