I am a 50 year old living in the Ozark Mountains. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago. I quit my job back in June this year. I had to walk away from a good job. Not really a job cause I trully enjoyed being in the truck business, after 15 years as a Fleet Manager, it really sucked having to walk away. Well, hobbled away, I have a lot of pain in my hip and knee to go with all else.

The one thing hard to get used to is the constant pain. I currently take prednisone, celexa, plaquenil, dyazide, norvasc, vicadin and methotrexate injectibles. And something new today for bursitis in my right hip. Not sure what it is.

My boss let me go to a 4 day short schedule and still called in sick occasionally. I guess I was lucky to have an employer that actually bothered to look up what was wrong with me. It was a cool job, we literally made peoples dreams come true. The look on someone's face when they come to pick up their brand new Ford 1/2 ton truck, and they tell you this is the first NEW vehicle they have ever bought. I had people older than me tell me this.

I miss seeing those smiles on peoples faces when they pick up their new keys, or when you get in a fleet of police interceptors and the dealer doesn't even remember what city we sold them to. I miss that.

Now I have a different "best" everyday. Never know how good my best is going to be on a daily basis. But you just keep on going.