About 2 years ago, I was tested for Lupus and it came out negative. The reason for the test was to eliminate a possible cause for my hives.

The Hives disappeared (as they seem wont to do) leaving me puzzled. After a few weeks of research with no new information (changing detergents, trial-by-error diet, animal allergies, and stress management), I left the subject alone.

The Hives have returned and I will again be tested for Lupus, but my research is more indepth (becuase I am older?) and I have stumbled upon something curious regarding diet.

(The only item new to my diet prior to this onset of hives was soy. I quickly eliminated the soy and waited for the hives to disappear, but the soy (?) seemed to have triggered something in my system.)

According to one diet perspective of alkaline vs. acid pH balance in the blood, my diet is atypically high in alkaline foods. Can anyone give me insight to this? Also, as a test, I drank coffee and the hives went away for the duration that the coffee was in my body. (I have tried this with caffeine colas, but with not the same result). This is curious as coffee is something to avoid.

Because I have been experimenting with food, I have stayed mostly clear of allergy pills. However, when I tested a number allergy pills, none relieved the itching or the wheals.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks so much in advance for any leads for more info.