Hello! I'm new here (found the site a few weeks ago and it feels really comfy). I have mild lupus, among other things (most notably, depression). I was diagnosed a little over a year ago with UCTD, then it sorta slid into lupus - guess it doesn't matter all that much, huh? Words are words.

I am trying to figure out how best to make a life for myself, especially considering the whole "stress as trigger" business.

Does anyone know what job I should have? Lupus friendly jobs?

I guess that's all about me. Hm. Yeah. Fatigue is my worst symptom, fatigue and how the lupus and depression and other brain things like migraine w/aura - how those are all tied together. It's like a necklace that's all knotted up, and I'm busy trying to understand how best to work out the tangles.

The end. Hello, everyone!