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    Default randomword - Intro

    Hello! I'm new here (found the site a few weeks ago and it feels really comfy). I have mild lupus, among other things (most notably, depression). I was diagnosed a little over a year ago with UCTD, then it sorta slid into lupus - guess it doesn't matter all that much, huh? Words are words.

    I am trying to figure out how best to make a life for myself, especially considering the whole "stress as trigger" business.

    Does anyone know what job I should have? Lupus friendly jobs?

    I guess that's all about me. Hm. Yeah. Fatigue is my worst symptom, fatigue and how the lupus and depression and other brain things like migraine w/aura - how those are all tied together. It's like a necklace that's all knotted up, and I'm busy trying to understand how best to work out the tangles.

    The end. Hello, everyone!

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    Hi Randomword; :lol:
    Welcome to our family. I am glad that you felt comfortable here and that you decided to join us. The fatigue and depression are symptoms that most of us (like you) have to deal with on a regular basis. And, oh my....the migraines. I suffer from them so often that I tell everyone that if my migraine could be downgraded to just a bad headache, I could deal with that. At least I can function with a headache. I am totally debilitated when the migraines strike (and they strike quite often!)
    I can't tell you what would be the best type of job for you because each of our symptoms affect us with different limitations and none of us have the same symptoms.
    I work from my home writing grants for non-profit and faith-based organizations. This works well for me because I can work as many hours per day as I want (or some days, I don't work at all). Many Lupus sufferers have chosen work-from-home employment. However, it is very difficult to find legitimate ones, unless you start your own business!
    We are here to help you in any way that we can and I'm sure that you will find everyone here to be very understanding, supportive, caring and informative. I wish you the very best.

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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    Welcome Random..Hello..

    So how is your day been? Learning the triggers? Have you been reading what some of them maybe.

    I can suggest when you notice a change, small or large..take note..and hopefully you will see a pattern unfold. Then you can enhance the days you felt right and avoid the things that caused a flare...or unwellness.

    Four quick suggestion to help maintain a healthy balanced self.
    Light exercise.
    Control stress.
    Eat a well balanced diet.

    Through the forum threads you can read how we managed to do the four suggestions above.

    Job at home...humm.what are your hobbies? Perhaps you create an entrepreneurship at home that encircles that....

    Again welcome here, a place with many, many...great people.

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