Hi, my name is Lindsay. I'm 22, and after an extensive hospital visit, was diagnosed with lupus on April 2. I've probably had it for at least a year now, but just didn't want to believe I was as sick as I was. I had severe anemia (they were about ready to give me a blood transfusion), an apparent kidney infection (though I felt no pain from it), and developed pericarditis and pleuritis (which I am still trying to deal with)... But that's just what put me in the hospital. I deal on a daily basis with joint and muscle pain, along with extreme boughts of fatigue.

I'm slowly adjusting to all the changes that I'm having to make. I'm going back to work part time (hopefully), and trying to remain active while still relaxing as much as possible (not easy to do). Not to mention all the meds and supplements that my rheumatologist has me on.

I've been very lucky though, in that I have a very supportive family backing me through this, as well as a very sweet and loving boyfriend helping me learn as much about this illness as possible. (He's actually the one that found this site for me. )

I've been lurking for a couple days now, and am so happy to have found a community that understands what I am going through right now. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook on what's happening to me, but its very difficult not to get frustrated when you can't even pick up your own cat.

I just hope that by being here I can learn more about this, as well as offer my support to anyone who needs it.

Thanks for being here,