hi everyone,
i am a 31 year old female diagnosed with SLE 3 years ago. although things often appear to be getting better thanks to quensyl (plaquenil in america) and learning how to relax when my body tells me to, i still get SO frustrated whenever the big ugly wolf shows up.
the last few days have some of the worst i can remember. i have the "electric" feeling in my joints and muscles, i can't sleep well at night, my heart is beating very quickly and i change between hot and cold so quickly and on top of all that my head gets so foggy when i feel like this!
so my husband was just trying to cheer me up and we started coming up with names for my "other" partner (lupus).
i thought some of these were pretty appropriate for the terror that lupus can cause, hopefully they can make others laugh like it did for me...

Osama Bin Lupus
Slobodan Miloselupus
Benito Lupolini
Adolupus Hitler

that's all we've got for now. any others? :P