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Thread: Surgery?

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    Thanks, Oluwa for all the advice, I am going to follow it!
    For the 11 criteria, I meet a few of them. I do have the oral ulcers(I got one when all the rest of this started, and I just developped one today on the roof of my mouth), arthritis(if this joint pain, redness, and stiffness is that), I might have pericarditis(got tests today, getting results tomorrow or monday), I had the blood one because at one point a few weeks ago I had low wbcs, lymphocytes, neutrophils, for the kidney problem that is in question at the moment as I do/did have protein in my urine and there was some abnormality seen about my kidneys but that's not for sure yet we have to see what my urologist says, and I don't know about the immunological disorder as I didn't get half of those tests yet. And I am not sure where tissue/organ inflammation falls into one of those 11 categories.
    And that's a perfect way to describe the situation, a roller coaster, and I am ready to get off of it. :lol:
    My internist hasn't treat any of my symptoms, the only treatment I am getting is for the bladder and urethra inflammation, but it's Urised pills to help with the pain and it is effective for only about a couple hours. Next week, I am going to ask my internist for something to help with all of what I am experienceing. And no one mentioned any of that, except my internist gave my a list of foods to avoid that irritates things more, but I don't eat most of those foods anyways. So thanks for giving me those helpful hints, I am definitely going to go with them.
    Thanks for the book recommendation! I am going to look at that book and some others. The only research I have been doing is on the internet and my mom has been reading some medical books that she has.

    Thanks for everything! Stay healthy!

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    Gisele, Hey...

    You are very much welcome.

    Keep a journal of all your symptoms so you can be diagnosed promptly. No matter how small the detail maybe. When they occur, type of symptom and what may have triggered it.

    It will be a great reference for you and also a tool for your doctors. Get tedious after while but it will help you to remember. Creating less stress too in recalling.

    My foods I avoid. Sugar, sugar subsitutes. Splenda is fine. Wheat, peanuts. Preservatives, food dye yellow 5.

    Let us know on your test results.

    With the mouth ulcers avoid hot drinks, use cool water too sooth. Check the drug store for OTC nedicine to treat them. Do you take any vitamins, such as C or B..zinc? These maybe help in prevention. If they last more than a week make sure your doctors treat them.

    Anything prescribed for arthritis? If not, try an anti-inflammatory. Motrin. But you should check with your doctor before self dosing.

    Are they treating you for protein in your urine?

    Getting a diagnosis is hard..hang in there. Treat yourself with care and to enjoy things..have fun as nnuch as you can. Don't let the pain, the unknown isolate you.


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