Hi. I'm 36 and have had the painful joints and swelling since early his year. plus working full time and mothering a 6 yoa daughter alone is tiring. never thought my blood tests would come back positive for ana 1:1280, negative for RA and postive for double strand DNA. Had my first rheum appt today and he ordered more tests but i have the joints symptoms, some rash, some mouth ulcers, the fatigue. My pcp put me on predisone becuase i have been in a lot of pain and walking, working and using my hands were debilitating. my knees still have swelling so do my wrists and fingers. and i constantly feel feverish.
My rheum is going to continue me on predisone for a while. i realize everyone's symptoms is dif as well as treatment. i have seen the terrible side effects of steroids and would like to see if other rheum suggest alternative drugs for starters. plus i have always struggled with weight issues and am at my heaviest and that just really is depressing to me. this possible new diagnosis is not helping my outlook much! i have another appt for a second rheum - should i keep it and see what this one says and what treatment he suggests? i'm scared and confused.
i've been divorced for almost two years and is in a new relationship. i still harbor hopes of expanding my family and all this is devastating to me. i finally went to the doctor when my knees swelled up so big that i couldn't sit on the floor and play with my child. thank you in advance and for letting me vent.