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Thread: heredity?

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    Default heredity?

    I was wondering about heredity and Lupus, I believe that my mother had Lupus and it went undiagnosed by her GP.
    this was back in the late 70's, and I guess awareness was slimmer then.

    she passed away 6 years ago from lung problems & kidney failure.

    she had only one kidney because one had been removed years before.

    I remebered that she was diagnosed in the late 70's with Temporal Arteritis and saw a Rheumy for it, and was put on prednisone.

    anyways- I am pretty sure from the discussions I have had (with the local lupus foundation) and my symptoms that I probably do have Lupus, but am waiting on the bloodwork.

    I have fibro
    malar rash- when in sun and coming out of hot shower, or stessed.
    achy joints like arthritus
    fever every once in a while with no expanation
    fingers and toes painful in the cold

    waiting on the ana results- which was negative about 2years ago.

    My 10 yr old daughter gets the malar as I do, and has had one seizure thought to be caused by a sinus infection.
    she has "a knee ache" periodically now but when she was a toddler the knee pain was frequent.

    she also has symptoms of restless leg syndrome

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    We have, actually, had several discussions here about Lupus and heredity. You can use our search (above) to find those discussions. Just type in the word "heredity" and the engine will find all discussions, in these forums, where that word appears.
    After reading those, if you still have questions about Lupus and heredity, please let us know and we will help you as much as we can. :lol:

    In a nutshell, however, researchers do believe that genetics do play a large part in why family members get auto-immune disorders, such as Lupus. I have Lupus and my daughter developed Lupus (she lost her battle in 1999). My family (extended and nuclear) is replete with different auto-immune disorders.

    Please keep us advised of how your tests go and I will keep both you and your daughter in my prayers!

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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    oh thank you! I see the search tab now ops:

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