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Thread: On the road to the rheumatologist...

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    Default On the road to the rheumatologist...

    Hi there folks, I'm new here. Here's the short-ish version. Almost 6 years ago contracted Lyme. On antibiotics for about 2 1/2 years. Met a woman who had lyme and had good results with her doc so I went to see him.

    He literally looked at me for 5 min and said You had lyme, but now you've got lupus either from the lyme, the drugs, or just because and told me to see a rheumatologist. I said I didn't think so. He said, look at your face. Which I admit is pink cheeked right over my nose. I still thought he was crazy.

    I was coming off my last round of antibiotics and was symptom free (except for minor pains that were fleeting) for 2 years.

    That changed last fall, and in my on and off again antibiotic therapy I began to suspect Lupus. I think my Gp was humoring me when he did the tests- and now he's sending me to the rheumatologist ANA 1:160, a lot of consistent symptoms, the fingers and the cold, pain, fatigue, what may be a possible malar rash.

    I said this would be shortish- so what I would love to know is what kinds of questions to ask the rheumatologist. What should I know before I've seen him. I've really only just begun research- so any points in the right direction would help.

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    Hi Wren...

    Always request a copy of your test results.

    Keep track of your medical history and take it with you to every office visit

    Take copies of your most recent test results with you as well.

    Make a list of items you want to cover with the doctor, including current symptoms. Don't depend on your memory, make notes and take notes.

    Update your doctor on recent visits with other doctors.

    Don't leave out any detail of your condition even if you think it isn't important.


    What are the tests for?

    When will I get the results?

    What does this condition mean?

    What is the treatment plan?

    What can I expect from the drugs?

    What are the potential side effects?

    Are there any potential interactions with the drugs I'm taking?

    What are the benefits of this drug?

    How long will it take to work?

    And ask his credentials if you haven't already research his...

    That is all I can think of...hope it helps.

    And welcome to this wonderful place in space. You will find lots of support and information.

    Keep finding your wellness,

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