I just wanted to share with you how GOOD GOD has been to me. I applied for a part time job at our community college in student services, after being denied for social security and waiting on an appeal, they called me the next day and I intereviewed the next week. While waiting I also applied for a teaching position as well because once I finish my Masters I would like to teach on the University level so I will need experience so I thought it would be a good idea. Well the student service position came through and I began it at the beginning of last month. Then after working there a couple of weeks, they also called me regarding the teaching position. It worked out where I could do both jobs and still be part time.

The teaching position brought me in paying me the max, which shocked me because I don't have any "official" teaching experience but my degree, seminars, etc. In my other position, they are pleased with me that they are looking to give me a raise and want me to help them with some new things.

But, let me go back. I was really apprehensive about going back to work since I had been sick and about telling my employer about my lupus. And when I started they kept asking me if I wanted a full time position because there was once they wanted me to work in. So one day I asked my boss if I could speak to her in her office so I could explain why I didn't want a full time position and I soon as I told her I what I'd been through in the last year and I had lupus she just touched her chest and said I have it too. Look at GOD! I could have just shouted, but right them I knew GOD sent me there and he would work everything out and he has. Before I went back to work my husband was worried about me and I told him if it's not GOD's will for me to go back to work, he'll let me know if it is he will work it out. Now look at how he has blessed me. EXCEEDINGLY AND ABOVE ANYTHING WE CAN ASK OR THINK.

The director over the teaching program approached me yesterday about teaching 3 additional classes next semester.

I hope this can be encouragement to someone out there that GOD is still in control, he has not forgotten about you and sometimes you just have to step out there in faith and now that he has you in the palm of his hand. Just TRUST in HIM. GOD is so GOOD!