Hi there. My name is Kim. I am 39, married, with four-year old identical twin girls. I taught fifth grade here in Utah until five weeks before I delivered. Took a year's leave of absence and here I am four years later... still staying home with my babies!

I've been struggling, for a year now, with strange symptoms that no doctor (and I've been to a LOT of them over the last twelve months!) can seem to definitively diagnose. "Lupus" has been on the table, then taken off, then put back on, taken off and put back on again. I have been on methotrexate, plaquenil and prednisone. None of which have done what I had hoped. The symptom that bothers me most is that I can't close my fingers into a fist. They don't hurt (unless I try to force them), but they won't bend. I can make a circle with my fingers touching the tip of my thumb, but I can't go any further than that. My right hand is considerably worse than my left, but I do have trouble with both. Does anyone else have this? My ANA is consistently very high. I have had blood tests, MRIs, CTs. I've participated in a grand round study (lots of doctors coming to look at me during a period of about an hour) I've seen three dermatologists, three rheumatologists, and my primary doctor. I am getting so frustrated. My current rheumatologist has diagnosed me with "indifferentiated connective tissue disease"... meaning that I show symptoms of several CT diseases, but no hallmark symptoms of any specific one. I do have redness on my face from time to time. That's why lupus is back on the table. But it comes and goes. And it doesn't really look like the typical malar rash. It just looks like I've got a sunburn. The prednisone helped my joints alot, but did nothing to decrease the inflammation in my fingers.

My girls are in the bath and are impatient to get out, so I need to go. I would be so grateful for any thoughts and/or advice.