Hiya everybody,
I'm Lauriane or Lauri for short, isn't that a coincidence? (reference to the inspiration for this site)

i'm writing to u all the way from cape town, south africa! I've was diagnosed with Lupus and Rhuematoid Arthiritis is 1999. For the most part I'm doing well, thats not mentioning the usual pain, fatigue etc. I luckily haven't had any organ involvment, that I know of :? But, unfortunately I lost my baby last year at 18 weeks along :, due to very very high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia), luckily no kidney involvement. my hubby and I are not yet sure whether we are strong enough to try again, we both really really love kids! I've got a new (very good) rhuemy and she is in contact with my new gynae and hopefully the advise I get from them will giude us.

I've come across this site on monday and have been enjoying reading the chats and hope to be part of the family soon.

Hope to hear from u guys soon

C ya, wishing u all a happy, healthy day!

Luv Lauri