Hi there, I am new here but not to lupus. Because of a photo trail they
have been able to date my lupus back 19 years. I am a medical mystery having negative ANA's and other specific lupus testing. Biopsy shows lupus and what started out as a butterfly rash is now a burnt up face.
I am very sun/photosensitive becoming physically ill. They also think
I may have ms in addition to the lupus and say it is not unusual for
autoimmune disease to run together (I can think of better things to
collect than autoimmune diseases) :roll: Since moving to central
Florida I am having problems finding a doctor. Unlike anywhere else
I have ever lived you don't actually see a doctor in a doctor's office.
I would really, really appreciate it if anyone knows of a good rheumatologist and dermatologist in this area (Marion/Citrus County).
We have no lupus support group in this area either so it is very
hard getting help or learning how to deal with this here. Thanks for
any help!