Hi everyone. I do not have any diagnosis as I've only been having symptoms since March of this year but know that something isn't right. It started out with numbness in right arm, hand and foot. Then the fatigue and joint pain started. I went to my GP and she ordered blood tests. Everything was normal except ANA was positive with titer of 1:640. She wanted me to see a Rheumy (took 2 months to get in!) and she couldn't find any evidence of Lupus or any other autoimmune disease. This was in June. Since then I've developed other odd symptoms such as burning sensations in different parts of body, twinges of pain under fingernails, dry eyes, signifigant hair loss, and occasional sharp chest pain. My fingers are very stiff in morning but loosen up fairly quickly upon waking. I still have joint pain but it comes and goes and is pretty mild. I just don't know what to make of all these oddities. I should mention that my sister has Lupus, R.A., and Myastinia Gravis, and I have 3 female cousins on same side of family with Lupus, R.A. etc.
Any advice/information would be great! Thanks for listening.