Hello everyone! I'm new to your site. I've had lupus for over 6 years. Over the past 5 months I've been sick every month with a cold or flu or sinus infection, sometimes with lupus flares, with a break of about two weeks inbetween each onset. My rheumatologist tells me this is not abnormal during flu season but I think we're missing something. This is not normal for ME! Labs came back benign except RBCs were out of range on the high side along with Hematocrit. Does anyone know what this means?Yesterday I flared badly and am still flaring today with a mild runny nose. All of my symptoms are that of a classic lupus flare (which I've had much experience with) except for the upper respiratory stuff. I used to get these 24 hour flares with cold-like symptoms; somewhat similar to this. Has anybody else out there had a similar experience? I read some articles about chronic rhinitis and Chronic Fatigue Sydrome and wondering if lupus would be included in that.
Five months of this now...it's time to reach out. I welcome your comments! I'd like to know I'm not alone![/b][/u]