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    -=-=-=- YOU-=-=-=-
    1. Name: Kaf
    2. Age/D.O.B: 20/ 04-29-1989
    3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Name:N/a
    -=-=-=- Favorites! -=-=-=-=-
    4.Your favorite colour: Green
    5.Your favorite meal to cook: anything easy......
    6.Your favorite meal to eat out: Pizza
    7.Your Favorite drink: Apple Juice
    8.Your favourite movie: Transformers
    9.Your favorite song: Down by Jay Sean
    10.Your favorite Actor/Actress: Megan Fox
    -=-=-=- lupus Related -=--=-=-
    11. How old were you when you were diagnosed? 20
    12. What are you taking now? Cellcept or Generic brand Called Mycophenolat
    13. Does it help? Yeah been on it since i been diagnosed
    14. What have you taken? Predinsone
    15. Do you want kids? Absolutly
    16. Does anyone else in your family have LUPUS? No

    -=-=-=- Random! -=-=-=-
    17. Any brothers or sisters? 3
    18. Neices or nephews? Don't No
    19. What state do you live in? Pennsylvania
    20. Where would you live if you had the chance? China
    21. What is your lucky number? 18
    22. Are you in school? Yes
    23. What kind? ( High School, college, etc.). College

    24. Anything else that you want to tell us!!
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