-=-=-=- YOU-=-=-=-
1. Name: Amy Jalane
2. Age/D.O.B: 19 04/03/1990
3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Name:don't have a b/f
-=-=-=- Favorites! -=-=-=-=-
4.Your favorite colour: Pink
5.Your favorite meal to cook: Lasagna
6.Your favorite meal to eat out: pizza
7.Your Favorite drink: Orange coke
8.Your favourite movie: The boondock Saints
9.Your favorite song: Embracing Acusations by Shane&Shane
10.Your favorite Actor/Actress: ashton kutcher/ lisa kudrow

-=-=-=- lupus Related -=--=-=-
11. How old were you when you were diagnosed? 12
12. What are you taking now? nothing
13. Does it help? no....lol
14. What have you taken? relafen and plaquenil
15. Do you want kids?maybe
16. Does anyone else in your family have LUPUS? Mom,

-=-=-=- Random! -=-=-=-
17. Any brothers or sisters? Yes. my parents do foster care so heres the run down....
biological kids:
older sis, older bro, me and younger bro

adopted kids:
2 girls 1 boy

foster kiddos:
2 boys 4 girls
18. Neices or nephews?1 niece and twins on the way (boy/girl twins!)
19. What state do you live in? Texas
20. Where would you live if you had the chance? Colorado
21. What is your lucky number? 143 (when i was younger my parents would page each other and put that in for the call back number... it stands for i love you... get it i=1 love=4 and you=3
22. Are you in school? next semester
23. What kind? ( High School, college, etc.) college

24. Anything else that you want to tell us!!

from my mom down to the youngest adopted kiddo we are all in girl boy order!