1. Name:
2. Age/D.O.B:
19; 6-7-89
3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Name:
4.Your favorite colour:
5.Your favorite meal to cook:
Uhm, mac and cheese? Can't cook, hah.
6.Your favorite meal to eat out:
pad thai
7.Your Favorite drink:
Sobe Energy
8.Your favourite movie:
Hot Fuzz
9.Your favorite song:
10.Your favorite Actor/Actress:
Robert Downey Jr.
11. How old were you when you were diagnosed?
I was 17 years old.
12. What are you taking now?
Methotrexate (5 2.5mg tabs weekly), Plaquenil (300 mg daily), Folic Acid (2 mg daily), Motrin (300 mg in the morning, and then 300 mg as needed).
13. Does it help?
Very much so, yes. Maybe interested in a different NSAID at some point.
14. What have you taken?
I started off on the Plaquenil and Aleve but that didn't work, so my doctors added Methotrexate and switched me to Motrin for pain and inflammation management.
15. Do you want kids?
I don't know anymore.
16. Does anyone else in your family have LUPUS?
My mom has both Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus, as well as several other chronic illnesses.
17. Any brothers or sisters?
One younger sister, 17.
18. Nieces or nephews?
Hah. No.
19. What state do you live in?
For school, Pennsylvania. For family, California. For friends and my love, Massachusetts.
20. Where would you live if you had the chance?
Probably MA. Or Ireland. Wherever Sam is.
21. What is your lucky number?
22. Are you in school?
23. What kind? ( High School, college, etc.)
I am class of 2011 at Bryn Mawr College.

24. Anything else that you want to tell us!!
I come to this community with the hope that I can find some like-minded young people dealing with lupus. Ultimately, I would like to find someone at my college who also has lupus that I could talk to. I just don't know how to go about finding them.
I'm friendly and I like helping people, so if anyone wants to talk I'm here to listen.
I just really need someone that isn't 50+ to relate to what I'm going through.