-=-=-=- YOU-=-=-=-
1. Name: Gisèle
2. Age/D.O.B: 17
3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Name: none
-=-=-=- Favorites! -=-=-=-=-
4.Your favorite colour: Lilac
5.Your favorite meal to cook: hmm..probably pasta with salad
6.Your favorite meal to eat out: pasta and salad
7.Your Favorite drink: water
8.Your favourite movie: too many to mention
9.Your favorite song: it changes so much!
10.Your favorite Actor/Actress: Katherine Heigl

-=-=-=- lupus Related -=--=-=-
11. How old were you when you were diagnosed? became suspected 16
12. What are you taking now? prednisone, plaquenil, vit D
13. Does it help? yes
14. What have you taken? prednisone, plaquenil, vit D
15. Do you want kids? I don't really see kids in my future, just not a kid person
16. Does anyone else in your family have LUPUS? Not that we know of

-=-=-=- Random! -=-=-=-
17. Any brothers or sisters? twin brother
18. Neices or nephews? no, it would be fun to be an aunt, though!
19. What state do you live in? --
20. Where would you live if you had the chance? Washington, DC
21. What is your lucky number? 22
22. Are you in school? Yes
23. What kind? ( High School, college, etc.) High School, Junior

24. Anything else that you want to tell us!! My dream and ultimate ambition is to become a medical doctor, and actually, this past year, I have become quite interested in rheumatology, I am thinking about interning next summer with my rheumy!