-=-=-=- YOU-=-=-=-
1. Name: Bianca Vizzaccaro
2. Age/D.O.B: 19
3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend's Name: Blake
-=-=-=- Favorites! -=-=-=-=-
4.Your favorite colour: red
5.Your favorite meal to cook: broccoli and cheese rice and mashed potatoes lol
6.Your favorite meal to eat out: red lobster
7.Your Favorite drink: Windex (it's a drink, not the cleaner)
8.Your favourite movie: Notebook.
9.Your favorite song: Appologize
10.Your favorite Actor/Actress: James Lafferty.

-=-=-=- lupus Related -=--=-=-
11. How old were you when you were diagnosed? 15
12. What are you taking now? fricken NOTHING!!! i've been on every NSAID there is and my doctor doesn't think it's a good idea to put me on prednisone or plaquenil.. since she doesn't know much about Lupus to begin with and it takes years to get back in to see the specialist *rolls eyes* at Canada's ehalth system.
13. Does it help? .. i literally want to take an axe and cut my legs off just above the knee cap right now......
14. What have you taken? lol. a lot. such as.. naproxen, celebrex, diclofenac, tylenol 3's, 4's, endocet, demerol, taradol, trazadone, amitryptaline, and the list goes on but im in another country and dont have a list.
15. Do you want kids? in the distant future.
16. Does anyone else in your family have LUPUS? No.

-=-=-=- Random! -=-=-=-
17. Any brothers or sisters? olderbrother, younger sister.
18. Neices or nephews? none.
19. What state do you live in? Canada.
20. Where would you live if you had the chance? in NC with my fiance.
21. What is your lucky number? 41
22. Are you in school? yea, wayne state university.
23. What kind? ( High School, college, etc.) university..

24. Anything else that you want to tell us!!

I hate having Lupus and there not being a cure. But i'm sure everyone here agrees with me. And i'm finding it harder and harder to not lash out people.. i wish i had someone that understood what i was going through around where i live.