Hi Faith,

Thanks! I went and checked out the sale. The hoodies look good, they protect your neck better than shirts. Found their gloves too. They are already running out of sizes in some of the shirts.

I've been using the Solartech meter to check the UV factor of clothes too.

I looked at some thin gardening gloves with UV factor 50 called foxgloveinc. They're the same price as the full finger Coolibar gloves, but they don't have a seam between the fingers.

When I read the symptoms for DLE, it never says anything about tiredness or mental / emotional effects. It only mentions the rashes. Maybe it's because the mental / emotional effects are too hard to measure so they don't bother to mention them? Or maybe it's because DLE doesn't have them? But they always come on right after sun exposure, and my ANA is ok.