Hello all,

Is discoid lupus on-topic for this forum? Hope so… I got a dx of discoid lupus this year after six years of on and off anti depressants. (I love the doctor who diagnosed me - so happy to be told I'm not crazy.) I get very few rashes, but the brain fog and tiredness make me feel like a waste of space. Synonyms for stupid and lazy. But I'm very grateful that that it's not worse. Also Hashimoto's and some unidentified diet problems, maybe allergies, but avoiding wheat, dairy, red meat and prepared foods has helped. Are intestinal problems common? Getting a dx was a great relief - tho I still feel like a hypochondriac. Betsy Jane, I deal with the brain fog; and feel bored and boring when I have a flare. Never used to feel that way. Saysusie, I keep elaborate lists because I forget everything, altho I think maybe that's just me, not the DLE. Ilovehistory, I take vitamin B for the brain fog too. It seems to work better in the form of a neurobion shot than pills, don't know why. I love history too! A friend of mine just recommended modafinal for the brain fog, but I don't know anything about it.

Since I live at high altitude and near the equator, I've got to be extreme about avoiding the sun. I've been looking for books with practical advice about that. Anyone have a recommendation? Hats, thick clothes, strong sunblock, and avoiding midday sun aren't enough. I tried going to the farmer’s market at 6 am, but that wasn't early enough. My car has dark tint film on all the windows. I put 3M UV block film on all my windows in my house (and curtains), but I can't tell how well it works. I think I need to wear gloves, especially when I drive, but I feel very self conscious about wearing gloves here in the tropics. Anybody else here that eccentric? Maybe I should get a long elegant cigarette holder to go with the enormous floppy hat and gloves to the elbows…

Does anybody else have DLE? I couldn't find books or info directed specifically to that, rather than a page or two within an SLE book.