hi Im 29F and dg w/Lupus last year. i have been suffering since the age of 20(and probably since my childhood)-muscle pain, tiredness and bouts of mood swings. At 24 I started getting joint involvement and tendinitis-i was then dg. w/hypothyroidism. The thyroid replacement helped some but the disease progressed-i finally summed the courage to see a rheum and got dg. with it-lupus. I have a weird symptom where I see double ie. I have myositis of my eye muscle and when they are inflamed my eyeballs cant move properly. i am on plaquenil, allegra(for lip swelling) and the synthroid(for my thyroid) and just started zoloft (for depression). Its all a double whammy--Im in the medical profession and I was deathly scared of lupus while a student(premonition/intuition?). I am tired and need 12 hours of sleep daily or I get flares, I am really angry about the disease because finally that ive come to terms with a not-so-happy childhood, gotten my career underway i am stuck with being disabled like this--when i want to go out at night and socialise and meet someone romantically and go to the gym I can not do any of this---where do you find the change of life philosophy to deal with this?...i would like to become more religious--like only God can provide some peace though as I said I am mad at my fate and can't stop asking "why me?". I am also obsessing about my hair--im so scared of hair loss--I spend hours staring at the mirror and examining it.....any words of hope and helping me be less negative will be mostly appreciated...............I feel for all of us!!!