Do you plan to go on with your writing as part of a career?

They keep testing me for fibro, and I don't have it.

My mainstay is placquenil. When I have a flare up, I go on Prednisone for awhile and am not happy about it because I also have osteoporosis and don't want to take things that weaken my bones! I've been prescribed a wide variety of NSAIDs, muscle relaxers and sleeping pills, and use as few as i can get away with. At one time I was on 16 different meds, so now is better than then.

I have several other diagnoses, unrelated, and take meds for them too, and am on a calcium pill, a B complex, a multivitamin and glucosamine/chondroitin. STretching feels great so I recently joined a Tai Chi class....I do that, forgetting that I never know until the last minute if I can keep a now I've missed as many classes as I've made.

I gain horrible amounts of weight with prednisone. I finally got fed up with trying to fight it unsuccessfully and had lap band surgery last November. Consequently, I have to crush my pills before I take them, or take liquids or chewables. The good news from the lap band surgery is that I no longer test as diabetic, and my osteoporosis is reversing. Nice successes.

My frustration is that now when I go to my rheumatologist, she seems to be out of ideas, and she says I need to adjust to the fatigue, pain, and brain fog. I suppose I have, but I'd certainly rather not have it.