yeah still the same with my boss have another meeting on the 27th with h.r union etc so do know till then.
all concrete is done for now, still got other parts of yard to do(double driveway) landscaping is coming right ahead now not much more then a few plants to go, put my little outdoor pond in the other week looks great , now it starting to get to a point where you can sit back and look and enjoy what you have done if you know what i mean?

yeah when i said about 4wd driven the other day there is a strech of highway approximatley 15-20kms long and you start on one side of the highway and follow the tracks up through creeks, ruts half full of water from previous little rain we have had,we put a vehicle in a hole the other night and was down about a meter and if the rain was here the car would of been full wet ( very deep holes just a little dry) so when they are full if you don't have suspension lift you will have water inside your car because of depth.once you have done one side of the highway you turn around and come down other side.

good to here your news about disability.