First of all I want to thank all who responded to my first post. I had an appt with internal medicine and the first appt did not go real well but he did do alot of blood work. When I went back the second time for the results he totally changed his tune. I tested with positive ana titer, pos lupus anticoagulant, positive lyme disease, pos EBV, elevated sed rate and 11 trigger points. He apologized explaining that a good portion of those coming in with pain are after drugs. He said I am obviously very sick and he feels it is beyond his scope so he referred me to a rheumatologist which I see tomorrow. He believes I have dual dx of fibro and lupus. We shall see. I am a bit worried about this new doc even though she is a rheumy I have been so soured on doctors. I am hoping for the best and for some effective treatment. I however do not understand how one person can have so dang many dx's. Some nurse I am huh? Thanks for listening