Hello all,

My name is Amanda, I am a 23 year old from Chicago. For years I have been suffering from joint pain, severe fatigue and all-over stiffness and pain, headaches, and Raynauds. I was just diagnosed with Lupus, and am beginning to research the disease. I am still in denial that I have a "disease"....I am currently taking prednisone and plaquinil after suffering reactions to vioxx and norvasc. I am also trying to figure out how my test results fit in with the majority of diagnosis of Lupus, and what I need to do [exercise, stress, drugs, nutrition, etc.] to combat the disease. I also am fighting anxiety about having the disease [and as I said above, denial] because I don't know how this will effect future plans [getting married, having children, etc.].

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to future posting!

Take care!