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Thread: Questions about antibody tests and wacked out labs....

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    Default Questions about antibody tests and wacked out labs....

    I have questions about how to read my antibody tests...Can I have all these negative antibody tests and still have lupus? Is there any other antibody tests that I should have ran? And do you have any clue why my other labs are all out of wack? Is this common in Lupus or other autoimmune issues?

    • It says ANA titer: 0.08 index....but it isnt shown as 1:800 for example. Why? And it doesnt show anything about what pattern or if there was one?
      And Anti-nuclear AB: it just said negative
      Anti-Sm 0.7 eu/ml in normal range
      Anti-SSA 1.1 eu/ml in normal range
      RNP: 1.1 eu/ml in normal range....What is this one for???

    Other labs show

    • Potassium Low at 3.4 down from normal 4.3 earlier in the week...
      calcium Low at 9.1 up from Low 9.0 earlier this week...
      hemoglobin Low at 11.8 from Low of 12.8....
      hematocrit Low at 35.1 from Low of 38.8....
      platlet count High at 465 up from high of 399 earlier in week...
      absolute grans High at 10.9 up from high of 7.5 earlier...
      white blood count High at 16.3 up from high of 11.6....
      Mean platlet value Low at 6.5 from low 6.6....
      absolute lymps high at 5.0 from normal value of 3.4 earlier this week...
      Sed Rate High at 80

    Any thoughts on all of this???? :roll:

    Thanks! Leslie :roll:
    Hoping for an answer....

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    Hi Leslie; First of all, there is no one test that can diagnose Lupus. The diagnostic tools can be divided into three major parts:
    1. Medical History 2. Complete Physical Examination 3. Laboratory Tests
    Lupus is a disease of multiple pathogenetic mechanisms affecting many organs of the body and is characterized by abnormalities of the immune system. These abnormalities are manifested primarily by the presence of many autoantibodies in the serum of which ANA's are the greatest clinical significance.
    The ANA frequencies found in Lupus are as follows: anti-dsDNA-40%; anti-histones-70%; anti-SM=30%; anti-RNP=32%' anti-SS-A/R0= 35%; and anti SS-B/La=15%. Antibodies to dsDNA and to Sm are considered to be specific for Lupus and are considered to be only one of the diagnostic criteria for Lupus. Antibodies to histones are also found in drug induced lupus; Antibodies to RNP are also found in other Mixed Conncective Tissue Diseases; and antibodies to SS-A/Ro and to SS-B/La are also found in Sjorgen's Syndrome.
    It appears that your doctor did a thorough Helix Diagnostic lupus screening tests which detects the significant antibodies associated with Lupus - dsDNA, histones, Sm, RNP, SS-A/Ro, and SS-B/La antibodies.
    Sera positive on the Lupus screen should be tested for the specific autoantibodies indicative of various systemic rheumatic diseases. Sera negative on the Lupus Screen will be negative for those autoantibodies associated with Lupus and, therefore, other diagnoses should be considered.
    Anti-SM = These antibodies are named after a patient (Smith). They react with another part of the cell nucleus. They are very rarely found in conditions other than Lupus.
    Anti-SSA/Ro= These are found in some Lupus patients, especially those with a certain type of sun sensitivity. If a pregnant mother has anti-SSA/Ro antibodies, it is likely that her child will have a certain type of congenital heart disorder. Anti-Ro antibodies are also found in Sjorgen's syndrome.
    Anti-RNP (ribonucleoprotein) antibodies= These antibodies occur commonly in Lupus. Women develop of group of symptoms that do not point strongly to Lupus, but to a combination of several connective tissue diseases. This has been called "Mixec Connective Tissue Disease" or "Overlap Syndrome". Anti-RNP antibody levels are often very high in this disorder.
    I hope that I have been able to answer your question..let me know if you need anything further!
    Best of Luck

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