I've been having headaches lately. I used to get migraines years ago and thought I had them licked. I was on atenolol for years, not for hypertension, but to control my migraines. Worked great. Stopped taking it some time ago because it seemed I had outgrown the headaches. Now they seem to be creeping back. I had what I assume to be a migraine a week ago and now wake up with some pretty bad headaches often. Almost feels like sinus headaches, but then my migraines always did. But, I get so wiped out by them now. Could this be lupus-related? I hate....ABSOLUTELY HATE....going on another medication. But I think I may have to go back on the atenolol. I can't do headaches again...just can't. Anyone have any advice on how to manage headaches? I'm working up to another one right now.