I have had lupus with no organ involvement since May 1995. I had a rough 2 years with red blood count problems and joint problems since day 1. I have had a few minor problems of other nature in the 9 years. In Nov. 2003 I had pneumonia in one lung. Upon a complete blood count found low platelets.(52,000) My doctor started me on 20mgs. prednisone. Each 2 weeks we check the blood count. It goes up and down. So the doctor ups and downs the prednisone. I have been on this roller coaster for 3 months now. I despise taking prednisone. The side effects are horrible and I am worried about what else may happen due to prednisone use. Right now at the moment I am on 7.5 mgs of prednisone and the platelet count is 102,000. I need any information I can get regarding this problem and any personal experience anyone may have with this. We are just supposing that the lupus is what is causing the low platelet count or maybe the pneumonia caused the problem. From what I read 102,000 platelet count would be okay to live with, if we could wean the preds and the count would stay at that. Just looking for some good suggestions! Thank you and God bless Your day!