Each of us was born of GOD. There is One Life, that Life is GOD, that Life is Perfect, that Life is our life now. Nothing shall interfere with that Life, nothing can interfere with that Life.
We must have confidence in LIFE. We will, therefore, have a deep faith and a complete conviction that GOD is all there is and that we are wanted, needed and loved, not only by the DIVINE SPIRIT, but by everyone that we know and meet. We belong to Life, Life belongs to us. Life is ready to give us everything that is good and we are ready to pass it on to others. We are the channels through which Good flows in every direction. Giving and receiving, and receiving and giving, the channels are never stopped.
My prayer is to restore harmony and health to the mind and body of those who are in need. Know that they accept and recognize the supremacy of divine Mind. In the stillness of Your presence, God, let them feel Your healing life flowing through them now, bringing peace to their mind and energy to their body.
Enfolded in Your powerful healing love, God, let them experience health and wholeness in mind, body, and emotions. Thank You, God, for Your healing life that surges throughout every cell of their entire being, strengthening them and restoring them to wholeness.
To You, dear God, let them release any concern about their health. Let them trust Your healing love and Your life-giving presence to renew them.
Dear God, let them be open and receptive to Your healing power. Your light and life energize every cell of their being, and for this, they shall be grateful. With their hearts open to Godís renewing love, let them accept their healing now. Let them know that they are healthy and strong because they are one with God's healing, revitalizing presence.
We are all created in the image of God, blessed with strength and wholeness. The power of God sustains and blesses us all with perfect health. We all have instant access to Godís healing power within. Let us all see ourselves as whole and well in mind, body, and spirit.
And So It Is...AMEN

Peace and Blessings to each and every one of you