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Thread: Questions about antibody results and wacked out labs...

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    Default Questions about antibody results and wacked out labs...

    I have questions about how to read my antibody tests...Can I have all these negative antibody tests and still have lupus? Is there any other antibody tests that I should have ran? And do you have any clue why my other labs are all out of wack? Is this common in Lupus or other autoimmune issues?

    *It says ANA titer: 0.08 index....but it isnt shown as 1:800 for example. Why? And it doesnt show anything about what pattern or if there was one?
    *And Anti-nuclear AB: it just said negative
    *Anti-Sm 0.7 eu/ml in normal range
    *Anti-SSA 1.1 eu/ml in normal range
    *RNP: 1.1 eu/ml in normal range....What is this one for???

    Other labs show:

    *Potassium Low at 3.4 down from normal 4.3 earlier in the week...
    *calcium Low at 9.1 up from Low 9.0 earlier this week...
    *hemoglobin Low at 11.8 from Low of 12.8....
    *hematocrit Low at 35.1 from Low of 38.8....
    *platlet count High at 465 up from high of 399 earlier in week...
    *absolute grans High at 10.9 up from high of 7.5 earlier...
    *white blood count High at 16.3 up from high of 11.6....
    *Mean platlet value Low at 6.5 from low 6.6....
    *absolute lymps high at 5.0 from normal value of 3.4 earlier this week...
    *Sed Rate High at 80

    Any thoughts on all of this???? :roll:

    Thanks! Leslie
    Hoping for an answer....

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    See my reply in "Lauri's Lounge" :lol:

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