I got my blood work back.

Everything, my rheumatologist said, was within normal ranges.

and Therefore, I do not have Lupus or Sjogren's or any other autoimmune syndrome.

This makes no sense to me. How can I feel this bad and not be sick?

He said it "could be viral" and asked if I am feeling better. I said I am a little, that some of my symptoms are not what they were. I said, should I become symptomatic again, what should I do? He said to call him.

It's not that I WANT to have Lupus (and bless you all who deal with this every day) but I'd like to know what my problem is.. DOes that make sense?

To have three weeks of low grade fever, lethargy with some inability to sleep, very painful joint aches, legs feeling like I'm walking with boots full of water. Plus my medical history. I guess I am confused. I am thankful if I am disease free. But it doesn't make sense.

I really hope he's right.

I'm making an appointment w/ a neurologist for the burning on the bottom of my feet. But that's not til August 23... A very long time to continue waiting.

I know I probably sound like a whiner.. complainer.. and don't expect any of you to feel sympathetic.

I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality.. I wish you all the very best..

babs.. totally confuddled.