Hi all,

it has been way too long since i have been on sorry. since i last posted i started a new job and i have been managing pretty well though i do end the day pretty exhausted usually but it's really good to be working.

my issue of late is that i have started to have a lot of GI problems. I get nauseated and get heartburn pretty frequently. The worst is that suddenly i can't eat things that i used like dairy gives me really annoying diarhea pretty quick. i had chinese food the other day for the first time in weeks and threw up later.

i got blood work done because my nephro was worried it was an infection but all those came back normal.

no fevers. no sharp pains.

my doc thinks it might be the cellcept since it can lead to GI issues but i haven't had problems before and i've been on it since february.

can you start having new side effects months after being on a medication?

my family friend is worried it's being on prednisone too high too long (i've been on 20mg for the past three months having gone down from 40 back in feb.)

by boyf worries that it's the combo of drugs: i'm on cellcept (1500mg), pred 20, vytorin 10/20 and Ortho Evra (birth control which is pretty high on the hormone level but it's the patch so I can forget about it). but again i've been on all that at those doses since april actually so can i suddenly be having new side effects.

any thoughts or experience would be great. i just want to feel somewhat back to "normal" again.