First I want to say that I ALLREADY LOVE THIS GROUP! I feel a tugging inside me to log-on and see what every one has to say. I
look foward to the time I spend here more than any other part of my day, or anything in my life for a while. This is really a very positive means of support. I Thank Saysusie with all my heart for having the ability to care for others, and follow her insights that led to the creation of this site!

!PAIN! I thought I had experienced alot of pain, until Thursday.
I've been sick -no energy, headaches, rash, joints hot & hurt, eyes itch, mouth a mess- since the 5th. But Thursday I had to drive myself to the dentist, because my teeth are literally breaking off. He says he doesn't understand how I can stand the pain, because 2 of my teeth have so much infection that he can't pull them until they get well.
In comparison my teeth are only bothersome, compared to the Lupus.
When I got back to my mom's house, after driving a total of about
2 hours that day I hurt more than anything has ever hurt me. My kness and hips felt like they were "stuck" in a bent position, like they needed
a good spray of WD-40. It was all I could do to drive me & my kids the hour home- after a 2 hour nap and a dose of loritab 7.5. The next day was even worse, my hands are swollen, wrists hurt, I was in too much pain to even visit this site. I've been soaking in hot tubs, using heating pads, and eating pills, while I waited to feel better.
Now I've got to drive myself to see my pcp on Monday. The pain meds are not working! The prednisone is not working like it used to, and I've
been telling him this since feburary. But now its just unacceptable. I'm so affraid that he won't increase my meds, or do what-ever he can to get me in the rheumy before September. I can't live like this until then.
I've actually asked my mom to go with me, like a little kid! I'm 34 & I go to all my doctors visits alone - I prefer to process any bad news, before I share it with my family.
But I have noticed in the past that doctors will sometimes take you more seriously if you have some one with you!
It should't feel like a war against these doctors to get what we need. They should be more understanding, they should try to empathize. They have no idea what it is to live in constant pain, not to mention all the other constant promblems we have to deal with! I get so very mad!
If any one has any input plaese, I can't wait to hear it!