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Thread: Questions for the rheumy

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    Default Questions for the rheumy

    Hi Saysousie or anyone,

    I have confirmed my appointment this Friday with the rheumatologist and was just wondering Saysousie if you could let me know what questions to ask of the doctor. Of course I will press him to give me an order for the blood workup as per your advice last week, but if you had any advice that would be great. I will let him know of the persistent fatigue (methotrexate?) and the joint pains at odd times of the day.

    If you think I am missing something let me know, thanks.

    All the best,

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    Maybe ask him if you could possibly be suffereing from some overlap illnesses - such as Fibromyalgia (with reference to your persistent fatigue). You want to know if another condition could be causing your symptoms and, if so, what those other conditons might be? Ask what medications he/she thinks you should take and why? Also, what are the possible side effects of those prescribed medications?
    Don't assume that your doctors have talked to one another or that they have communicated the results of any of your recent test or changes in your medication to each other:
    Ask if your doctor received your most recent test results? Does he know what drugs you are taking that were prescribed by another Dr. ? Ask how your recent tests compared to your previous results and what does it mean?
    If new medication is prescribed, ask what are the potential side effects?
    Are there any potential interactions with the drugs you are currently taking and what are the benefits of this drug? How long will it take to work?
    If your doctor says you have developed a new condition, ask these questions:
    What does this condition mean? How does this effect your prognosis? Is there a way to treat this new condition?
    Print up some of the questions you have asked here and ask him those same questions as they seem to have been the most pressing ones to you at the time.

    Please let us know how your appointment goes and if your doctor was willing to answer you questions and address all of your issues.

    Best Of Luck
    Peace and Blessings

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