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    Hi my name is Linda I am 45 and have finally had the rheumatologist decide I have Lupus.
    I was diagnosed with fybromyalgia over 15 years ago then 5 years ago with Sjogren's. But that didn't answer all the questions and symptoms it took 4 doctors 5 years to finally decide that it has to be Lupus as well as the other diagnosed illnesses. Talk about having doctors tell you it's all in your head.
    I have been blessed with a husband who is loving and supportive, unlike the first one who thought I was trying to get out of house and wifely duties by faking pain.
    You have to look back and laugh and I can now that I have the love and support I need to cope.
    My problem is between the lack of energy and the meds my weight is gradually and steadily climbing.....Is there anyone out there with some advice? The doctor says lose weight then gives me a new prescription with weight gain as a side effect.......frustrating!!!!!

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    Hi Kola12;
    Welcome to our family. I am happy that you found us and that you decided to join.

    I know how frustrating the weight can can be and, with the lack of energy and pain, how hard it is to exercise. But, I have to propose some form of regular exercise. This will help both with the weight gain and (believe it or not) with the lack of energy.
    I am not talking about hard, jolting, pounding exercise. Many here do light yoga, beginners Pilates or swimming or just walking.
    It is very difficult to counteract some of the medications that can cause weight gain and you cannot do it by diet alone. But, if you try to do something everyday, you will begin to notice the difference (especially in your energy level).
    Hopefully, someone else will also have some good advice for you :lol:

    Peace and Blessings

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    Hi Kola12!

    Welcome to the Forum! I'm really glad that you found us!

    Please just know that anytime you need advice, support, information or just to vent or chat, we're all here for you!

    I have Sjogren's Syndrome and Fibromyalgia too (both diagnosed by the Rheumatologist in December 2006). However, I have a negative A.N.A., so the Rheumatologist said that I have Cutaneous (skin) Lupus Erythematosus (due to the ulcers, malar rash and Photosensitive Dermatitis). He thinks that I most likely have Behcet's Disease, rather than S.L.E., but there is no blood test to confirm Behcet's, so the diagnosis is clinical and I fulfil almost all of the symptoms, including ulcers EVERYWHERE (oral, nasal, genital, internal, etc.)!

    Believe me, I can certainly understand the doctors saying "it's all in your head!" :roll: I just saw a Neurologist on Wednesday who doesn't believe in Fibromyalgia, Hypoglycaemia nor Irritable Bowel Syndrome, three things with which I have been diagnosed! :x She also thinks that I'm wasting my time going to a Nutritionist and doesn't believe that nutrition can help! :x

    Keep well!

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