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Thread: Cytoxan and Prolonged Treatment

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    Default Cytoxan and Prolonged Treatment

    hello family,

    i have a concern. i have been on cytoxan (iv, every 3-4 weeks) since Sept. 06 and have had 8 treatments ( i missed a couple) but i am wondering how much longer this will go on and what results my rheumi is looking for or rather what i should i be asking him? Is he going to keep on w/treatments until i go into remission? I also have lupus nephritis but my creatnine level was 1.1 and it has been improving.

    I am getting concerned because it seems like the chemo has been affecting my stomach. I have like cramping pains whenever I eat or drink something and I have been drinking alot of water as well, not 2-4 quarts because I would just be on the toilet all day.

    Should i be asking for test to check and make sure my bladder is okay and cystosis or something is not setting up? Has anyone experienced this with their chemo treatments.

    Oh, BTW, I am still on prednisone (alt. 5/10 mgs every other day), plaquenil 200 mgs (2x a day) is this too much? I am concerned about that as well.

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    Hi Pretti,

    It's ALWAYS in your best interest to ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS as you possibly can. Be a partner in your care, not just a patient. The more you learn, the more assertive and attentive you will be to your symptoms.

    I believe a doctor that you trust can help answer those questions for you. There's no doubt that all these drugs we take affect our kidneys, bladders, hearts, lungs, etc.

    I can only give you my perspective and I would like to encourage to write down some questions, notes, etc.....and schedule some "extra" time to talk with the doctor about your concerns.

    I hope that you will soon find relief and some will be in my prayers....take good care of yourself.

    Much love,
    "I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly." - unknown

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